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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a GlowMan Costume™?
A GlowMan Costume™ is a glow in the dark stick figure costume.

What does your costume include?
Each GlowMan Costume™ includes a black, hooded jumpsuit with pre-sewn connectors, a pack of custom size glow sticks and assembly instructions. 

Are the connectors all the same?
No, each of our connectors is specifically engineered to achieve certain shapes, angles and slopes. Depending on the design, the connectors are positioned on the jumpsuit using a unique placement pattern. 

How long do the Glow Sticks last?
Once activated, the glow sticks will illuminate brightly for 10-12 hours.  GlowMan Costumes™ uses OmniGlow products exclusively due to their consistency and high standards. 

Can I buy more glow sticks for my costume?
Yes, refill packs will be available for purchase at   The costume’s product packaging easily identifies the corresponding refill pack.

What is the shelf life of glow sticks?
You can safely store un-activated glow sticks for about 18 months. 

How long does it take to assemble the costume?
Depending on the design, assembly time is approximately 5-10 minutes.  After activating all of the glow sticks, the wearer simply follows our easy to read instructions to determine where to connect each glow stick. Once assembled, the wearer simply slips the jumpsuit on over their clothes. 

Does the costume require special lighting or a black light?
No special lighting is required!  Simply slip into a dark environment for the costume to achieve its full effect.  The costume works great in a dark room or in the darkness of night.

What sizes do you offer?
GlowMan Costumes™ are available in Youth, Women, and Men’s Sizes.


How it works





Each GlowMan Costume™ includes a black, hooded jumpsuit with presewnconnectors, a pack of custom size glow sticks and assembly instructions.



    To activate your GlowMan glow stick Halloween costume, begin by
removing the garment from the package and lay it out in front of you.
Make sure the pre-sewn connectors are facing up.
    Do not remove the glow sticks from their protective packaging until you are ready to activate the suit. Once activated, the stick glows for about 10 -12 hours. You will need to purchase a refill pack at your retailer or at for repeated use.     image2  
    When you are ready to wear your GlowMan Costume™, simply remove the glow sticks from their protective packaging and activate them by bending them back and forth. You will hear a distinctive “cracking” sound letting you know that the stick has been activated. Shake the glow stick as shown for best results. You will know the glow sticks have been activated when they begin to glow.     image2  
    Follow the easy to read instructions and begin lacing the activated glow sticks through the designated pre-sewn connectors as instructed.     image2  
    Once all glow sticks have been inserted, your GlowMan Costume™ is ready to wear.     image2  
    Simply untie the back opening and slip the jumpsuit on over your clothes. Tie the back of the jumpsuit for a good fit. Your GlowMan Costume™ is activated and ready to go. For best results, use in a dark room or at night.        


GlowMan Costumes Assembly Tips


After assembling your costume, we recommend that you try it on practice movements like walking, stretching, twisting, sitting, standing, squatting, raising arms, legs etc.

This exercise will help you determine if a connector feels loose or if a glow stick is prone to popping out of its place. If you notice that a glow stick becomes unattached from the connector, we suggest you wrap a 1 inch piece of clear tape around the end of the glow stick and re-insert into the connector. The tape will provide an extra tight fight fit between connector and glow stick to prevent pops that may result from certain movements.


[Glowman's] designs are the subjects of multiple pending patents.