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Determined to create a comfortable, safe and unique Halloween Costume with a WOW Factor, Leslie Lopez created illuminated stick figure costumes for her family by attaching glow sticks to clothing. The response from friends, family and neighbors was overwhelming. “That’s so cool!” “Where can I get one of those?” and “I’m going to be a Glow Stick person next year!” were only a few of the comments the family received. It seemed they coul d not get from one house to the next without people stopping to take pictures, give high fives or congratulate them for their originality. Her children swelled with pride and gave the best comment of the night, “This is the best Halloween ever!”

“Where can I get one of those?”

Unfortunately, the creation of these original costumes was not so positive. Once glow sticks are bent or snapped, they activate and illuminate brightly for only 10 - 12 hours. Their glow time is further shortened when exposed to high heat. That meant Lopez needed to attach several Glow Sticks in the shape of a stick person to the clothing with a hot glue gun, avoid getting burned and feed the family dinner all on Halloween evening. The experience was exhausting and made Lopez realize why no one bothered creating their own glowing costumes. 

Shortly after Halloween was over, Lopez kept replaying the positive reaction she and her family received that night. She kept asking herself, “How can you make it easier and faster?” The answer, GlowMan Costumes! In November 2007, Leslie, and her partners realized that there were no similar products on the market. They saw this as a prime opportunity to apply their business and marketing expertise while working in an innovative and fun environment.


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